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20 Vastu Tips For Success

Here are 20 powerful methods for converting your living or working spaces into Sacred Space.

1. Bring the ākāśa tattva - आकाश तत्त्व - inside the house.

  • ākāśa means Space, so create Space in the house by throwing away all the clutter.

  • In the house, the ākāśa tattva is related to the brahmasthāna, and so the brahmasthānamust be kept open, clean, and devoid of any heavy material.

  • Decorate your space with flowers and plants

  • Open doors and windows to allow in plenty of sunshine​

2. Bring the vāyu tattva - वायु तत्त्व – inside the house.

The vāyu tattva is associated with our sense of hearing. Communication, Music, Poise, Balance, expansion of Intellect are attributes of the vāyu tattva.

  • Open the windows and the balcony doors more often.

  • Burn aromatic herbs in the house. The aroma and smoke of the following herbs will bring in the vāyu tattva and also disintegrate all types of negative energies:​

​​candana- चन्दन - Sandalwood Powder

jaṭāmāṁsī - जटामांसी - Nardostachys jatamansi

Guggulu - गुग्गल - Myrrh

Lobāna - लोबान - Frankincense​​

​Sprinkling these herbs over embers will generate a fragrant, dense smoke that will spread and disintegrate negative vibrations to create a harmonious effect. This smoke is also believed to remove the effect of any evil eye. Incense cones of these aromatic herbs are also available. ​

3. Bring the agni tattva - अग्नि तत्त्व – inside the house.

  • Burn Camphor in a pot and take the burning camphor to all parts of the house

  • Perform āratī – आरती - in the house.

  • Periodically light lamps and candles in the house.

4. Bring the jala tattva - जल तत्त्व – inside the house.

Instead of Vacuum Cleaning the floor start mopping the floor. Add a little sea salt to the mopping water.

5. Bring the pṛthvī tattva - पृथ्वी तत्त्व – inside the house.​

This tattva is associated with the aroma. Use sandalwood paste. Wear fragrance. A good idea is to opt for Indian Ittar, which are essential oils derived from plants and earth into a wood base such as sandalwood and then aged from one to ten years. The Ittar are better than synthetic deodorants or perfumes. The choice of ittar changes with the season.

6. Bring nature and life into the house. Add indoor plants, clay pots, cotton rugs, woven accessories, shells, fresh flowers, aquarium, small fountains, etc.

7. Install a Main Door which has 2 leaves and 4 sided frame including a threshold. Anyone entering the house should cross the threshold to enter.

8. Install Dwar Ganapati. Dwar Ganapati stops negative energies and negative occult forces from entering the house.


9. Draw a Swastik on the right side and left side of the main entrance.

10. Plastic is carcinogenic and causes cancer. Say NO to Plastics and stop the use of plastic items in the house to the maximum possible extent.

11. Avoid the use of Room Air Fresheners. Most of them contain harmful chemicals. Tests conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) found that most air fresheners contain phthalates, which among other things interfere with male hormone production. A study conducted by the University of Washington found that all air fresheners tested emitted chemicals known to be carcinogenic.

12. Avoid the use of Asbestos in the house. Asbestos is a known carcinogenic material

13. Do not walk with outdoor footwear inside the house. Take them off before entering the house.

14. Keep the Brahmasthan free.

15. Always sleep with your feet facing North.

16. Do not work, eat or sleep under a beam.

17. Perform hawan at least once a year in your house.

18. Cowry is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. For prosperity keep in your cash box 11 cowries dyed in turmeric.

19. Hang Cowries or a Wind-chime on the Main door if it has another Door in its front, if it has a T-road hitting it, if the corner of another house faces the Main Door, if the Main Door is obstructed by a tree or a pillar if the Main Door is shadowed by another building etc.

20. In Puja keep the Deity in a manner that it faces either West or South, and the person who performs the Puja should sit facing the deity.

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