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Symptoms of Harmful Vastu Energies


A guide to help you identify NVE – Negative Vastu Energies


The last fifty years have seen a huge increase in the stress on Earth due to the underground nuclear explosions done by many countries. These explosions have caused splits in the Earth which are as deep as 300 km and by their depth are allowing extremely high-frequency radiations from the core of the earth to rise to the surface, which travels so fast that they go up 6 km in the sky before dissipating.

Combined with these high-frequency radiations are fault lines, telluric energies, and faulty building designs which do not conform to Vastu guidelines. Cumulatively they cause strong Negative Vastu Energies – NVE – which causes a disequilibrium of the tri-dosha in the human body.  The result is illness at mental and physical levels. At mental levels, it causes insomnia, mental tension, mood swings, faulty judgments, and incorrect decisions.  At the physical levels, they cause severe ailments of chronic nature in the human body.

Here is a guide to identify NVE in land and buildings. If these symptoms are found in a property then one should immediately consult an expert to seek their rectification.

Symptoms of NVE in Homes
  • Abnormal fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Lack of energy

  • Feeling of insecurity

  • Depression

  • Disturbed Inner Poise and lack of tranquility

  • Strained relationships

  • Lack of concentration

  • Loss of interest in the Joy of Life

  • Mental Instability – inability to come to a decision

  • Pains, stiffness, lumbago, arthritis, rheumatism

  • Severe chronic disease like cancer, glaucoma, heart ailments showing up

  • Presence of cockroach, centipedes, bedbugs, owl, wild cats, white ants, bats, etc

  • Crooked trees, anthills in the garden

  • Dampness and stale air

Symptoms of NVE in Offices and Factories
  • Low Productivity

  • Litigation and other such wasteful expenses

  • Medical problems with partners or senior managers

  • Empty Order Book

  • High Attrition rate

  • Unusually high Breakdowns

  • Accidents

  • Wastage of raw material

  • Repeated occurrence of fire or theft

  • Unnecessary Interpersonal conflicts

Symptoms of NVE in Buildings
  • Cracks in the walls

  • Cracks in the Driveway

  • Patches of Moisture in the walls

  • Termite tubes

  • Heavy growth of moss or lichen on the boundary wall or building walls

  • Chipped Stairs

  • Rattling or creaking doors

  • A constant state of repair and maintenance

  • Frequent breakdowns of clocks, household appliances, and gadgets

  • The inability of pets to breed

  • Presence of sick animals

  • Presence of owls, wild cats, bats, cockroaches, centipedes, and other such inauspicious animals

Symptoms of NVE in Land
  • Patches of dead or pale grass in an otherwise plot of green grass

  • Crooked trees

  • Presence of ant hills/termite hills

  • Barren and ghostly trees

  • A stench in the soil

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”Indian sacred architecture of whatever date, style, or dedication goes back to something timelessly ancient and now outside India almost wholly lost, something which belongs to the past, and yet it goes forward too, though this the rationalistic mind will not easily admit, to something which will return upon us and is already beginning to return, something which belongs to the future.”

                                                         -Sri Aurobindo, The Renaissance in India  

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