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Arun Vyas- vastusindhu A portrait image of Vastu Teacher Arun Vyas from Noida Uttarpradesh



I am Arun Vyas. My professional services include Vãstu consultancy and designing, non-demolitive rectification of Vastu defects, and conducting short-term and long-term workshops on Vastushastra.


I have designed a wide array of residential, commercial, and industrial projects.  I have authored several articles on Vastushastra and oriental philosophy and am currently writing books on Vastu designing, ayadi calculations, muhurt, and rectification of Vastu faults. With my research, I have developed the VEMSYS: Vastu Energy Management System, which is a unique technology to attune the living/working Space with the Inner space of Consciousness and neutralize the negative effects of Vastu defects. 

 I have been associated with NAREDCO and HSMI-HUDCO as a Vastu Teacher since 2004.

Because of my belief in human wisdom and a lifelong association with Yoga, spiritual practice, and holistic outlook, I have always aimed to bring a dynamic application of spirituality to the practice of Vastushastra.  To me, a Vastu practitioner is a Karmayogi, his practice is a spiritual exercise, a dedication to the Divine, and service to fellow humans through his knowledge, skills, selfless service, discipline, harmony, patience, and forbearance.

I also devote time to social causes. I hold several senior honorary positions in Sri Aurobindo Society, a spiritual organization which is recognized by the Government of India as an Institution of National Importance, for whom I conduct training camps for Self Development for students, young professionals, and for the mature minds so as to empower them with values, a vision, leadership abilities, an awareness of their latent powers, and most important of all, a methodology of making life meaningful by defining the purpose of their existence. 


I have an innate spirit of adventure.  I have conducted several motorcycle expeditions crisscrossing the length and width of India, done Narmada Parikrama by foot and walked 2800 km by the side of Narmada, and have trekked extensively in the Himalayas.


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Articles, Workshops, and Discourses

  • A rationale for Vastu

  • An overview of Tantra Sadhana

  • Beware of Vastu fraudsters whose very authenticity is questionable

  • Bramhagufa and Panchkedar

  • Create Sacred Space and sanctify your home

  • Devi Hingalaj and her Shaktipeeth 

  • Divine Proportion in the Human Body

  • Dreams and Omens – a glimpse into the future

  • Gita, Karmayoga and Karmayogis

  • Hospitals for tomorrow

  • How to conceive brilliant children

  • How to create a vastu compliant office entrance 

  • How to create healthy homes

  • How to install Dwar Ganapati

  • How to prepare and use Chakravyuha Yantra

  • India's GDP Growth, Sick Industrial Units, and Vastushastra

  • Kalpurusha, the Cosmic Man

  • Makar Sankranti is not Uttarayan

  • Mantra for wellness and prosperity

  • Paravak, Vak, and Speech: the journey from Thought to Word

  • Panchayatan Puja for homes

  • Principles of Vastu Designing

  • Puja, Kanyadaan and Saptapadi

  • Relationship of our Inner Space with our Home and Office

  • Space Clearing

  • Space:  The Source of all manifestation

  • Surya Namaskar

  • The Making of Ramsetu

  • The marriage of the Mangaliks

  • The meaning of Shrisooktam

  • The need for holistic Architecture in Bharat

  • The science of Homa 

  • The relevance of Vastushastra in the light of an Upward shift in Human Consciousness

  • The science of Vastuvidya

  • The symbology of Shiv Lingam

  • Tips for Office Entrance and Reception

  • Vastu and the Lagna Mandap 

  • Vastu Architecture, Harmonious Habitat and National Growth

  • Vastu for Children's Room

  • Vastu for Educational Institutes

  • Vastu for factories

  • Vastu for Homes

  • Vastu for Hospitals

  • Vastu for Shops

  • Vastu for Townships

  • Vastu perspective for buying or renting a House

  • Vastu, Silence of the Mind and Human Creativity

  • Vastushastra – Historicity and New Paradigms 

  • Vastushastra - The Divine School of Architecture

  • Vastushastra and the Corporate World

  • Bhagavad Gita

  • Devi Upanishad

  • Foundations of Indian Spirituality and Culture

  • Bhakti yoga – the Yoga of Devotion

  • Gyanyoga – the Yoga of Knowledge

  • Karmayoga – the Yoga of Works

  • Mantra Yoga ­­- the Yoga of Sound

  • Indian Nationalism 

  • Introduction to Vedanta

  • The meaning of Bharat

  • The Psychic Being and spiritual evolution

  • The Sanskrit Numerology

  • The Synthesis of Yoga by Sri Aurobindo

  • The true meaning of Samarpan (Surrender) in the path of Yoga

Aun-Vyas-logo_edited.png Vastu Sindhu by arun vyas Logo

”Indian sacred architecture of whatever date, style, or dedication goes back to something timelessly ancient and now outside India almost wholly lost, something which belongs to the past, and yet it goes forward too, though this the rationalistic mind will not easily admit, to something which will return upon us and is already beginning to return, something which belongs to the future.”

                                                         -Sri Aurobindo, The Renaissance in India  

Vastu Consultant & Teacher

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