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What is the significance of fasting?

Why is Shiva offered milk?

Why is Ganapati worshipped in the beginning of a Puja?

What is the significance of Holi?

Why should we not sleep with feet facing South?

All these and many more.....


Hindu rituals and customs are deeply mystical and steeped in symbology. 
One should neither follow them blindly, nor ignore them. 
Ask me about the hidden meaning behind the Hindu rituals and let me

explain to you the thought behind these traditions.


Thanks for submitting! I will soon revert.
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”Indian sacred architecture of whatever date, style, or dedication goes back to something timelessly ancient and now outside India almost wholly lost, something which belongs to the past, and yet it goes forward too, though this the rationalistic mind will not easily admit, to something which will return upon us and is already beginning to return, something which belongs to the future.”

                                                         -Sri Aurobindo, The Renaissance in India  

Vastu Consultant & Teacher

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