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Vāstusindhu in Sanskrit means ‘ocean of vāstu’. 


Vāstusindhu is a treatise on vāstuśāstra for land and buildings. The renaissance of vāstushāstra has a higher purpose in the larger scheme of spiritual evolution, and Vāstusindhu is a step towards meeting this purpose.


The Book discusses the  dynamics of Space, Time, Form, principles of vāstu designing and their practical application in the selection of land and designing homes, offices, factories, educational institutes, shops and hospitals. One chapter is dedicated to the mysterious aspect of how a house can be interpreted to perceive information about its inhabitants.


In modern times when there is a renaissance of ancient Indian sciences, Vāstusindhu is an authentic book for architects, vāstu practitioners, interior designers, and all those who want a deep understanding of the traditional vāstuśāstra


The book has a different flavour and depth. When introducing a chapter the author is sometimes a philosopher, a poet, a storyteller. The narration is fluid and seamless. The sanskrit names of all the devata, graha, nakshatra and technical terms of vāstu have been retained and have been written in IAST coding.  Since there are no capital letters in the devanāgarī script , therefore राम is written as rāma and not Ram, कृष्ण is written as kṛiṣṇa and not Krishna, बृहस्पति is bṛhaspati and is not Jupiter, शुक्र  is śukra and is not Venus, and शनि is śani and is not Saturn.




VĀSTUSINDHU: Theory and Practice of Vāstushāstra

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  • Arun Kantilal Vyas

    Arun Kantilal Vyas is an exponent of vãstushãstra. He has designed a wide array of residential, commercial and industrial projects. He has authored several articles on vāstuśāstra and oriental philosophy. He has developed unique techniques to attune the living and working Spaces with the Inner space of Consciousness. 


    He is from an ancient lineage of yogis and spiritual masters. He is a practising yogi, and a speaker on the mystical traditions of India, Integral Yoga and Holistic Management.  For over 4 decades he has been associated with spiritual social organizations.  Besides teaching and practising  vāstuśāstra he teaches spiritual sanatan practices and related methodologies to make life beautiful and meaningful. 


    He can be reached at